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Essential Items to Carry While Biking to Ladakh

Travelling can be a passion for some people and nothing is more convenient than travelling by your own vehicles since this will not let you be bounded by some strict rules and regulations. In this regard, let us remember another passion of people, biking. Some people can combine these two passions in a perfect way. Biking to Ladakh is the best example of this. Ladakh, a region of Indian administered Jammu and Kashmere, is a beauty of its own kind. The route is no doubt combines the rough sides of nature along with the beautiful side of it. Let’s have a look at the essential items which you will be needing if you want to go to Ladakh by bike.

Long Trip Travel

  • Essential Tool kit:

You need to bring this tool kit which is supposed to contain some essential items like different tools, spare motorcycle key, chains, sparkplug, clutch wires, spare tubes, electronic tape, m-seal and steel wire and so on.

  • First Aid Kit:

You may not get the chance to meet many doctors or clinics on the path so prepare to be your own doctor. Therefore you need to carry a first aid kit always. Carry some general medicines along with you. Besides the medicine carry sunscreen lotion in order to protect yourself from the UV rays, carry lip balm also.

  • Other Essential Things:

Apart from all these, other essential items are UV sunglasses, gloves, riding cloths, helmets with clear vision, leather jackets, warm inners and so on.

  • Documents & Money

Keep your documents safely in a waterproof bag in order to prevent those from being damaged. You need to carry your driving licence, id card, registration certificate, insurance paper, PUC certificate and maps and others. Be sure to keep Xerox copies of each and every document and keep enough copies for crisis. Carefully keep money within a purse. Be sure to remember the location of the ATMs.

  • Food:

Since the journey is going to be very tiresome and you may not get the chance to get a proper restaurant on the way, you need to carry some dry food with you. Carry those kinds of food which will provide you energy and keep you hydrated. Carry glucose in case of dehydration problem occurs. Carry some dry fruits like nuts, almonds, raisins, cashews and so on. Carry chocolates, cakes, biscuits, chips and of course water.

These are some of the essential items to bring along with you on your journey towards Ladakh by road.